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Export Highlights:

Orders List (per product/promo/date...or everything!)

Products List

Customer List (includes name, address, phone #....)

Keyword List

Product Searches - Exports to Excel with images

Payout Reports

Campaign Reports


This 3 minute video will familiarize you with how to Export Data & Download Data.

Video Highlights:

          (0:03) Export Intro

          (0:13) How to Export (in this example we're exporting orders) 

          (0:40) How to use the Smart Search feature (use the smart search if you want to filter out your orders)

          (1:01) Click the actions tab then select exports orders

          (1:04) Where to find the Export Reports

          (1:12) Download the report into an excel file (FYI: the report can take a few minutes to download)

          (1:30) Overview of what HelloProfit data you can download