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Additional Merchant Accounts

We are now setup to take to take the following regions and as of now. If you have a unified Amazon account you will have access to all of your marketplaces in the same account for the same low price, however the unified account will have to be one of the account enclosed above. 

Each additional merchant account is $29/month. Keep in mind that only 1 account is included in the trial. We can only take the following main unified Amazon accounts, and If your main Amazon unified accounts are one of the following above then you will have access to all of your marketplaces.


Click here to get more information on adding an additional merchant account.

These are the following accounts we can accept at the moment. Once the additional regions are added to HelloProfit we will make the Announcement on our Facebook User group. 


Please Note: Use the following definitions below to determine what kind of merchant account you have. 

  1. Unified Amazon Account: This means all of your accounts in all regions are included in one merchant account. 
  2. Merchant Account: Sellers with multiple merchant account that are separate.