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What is Unit Session Percentage and why is it Important?

The HelloProfit Unit Session Percentage Chrome Extension is free for all HelloProfit Subscribers and may be downloaded and installed here from Google Chrome's official Extension Webpage here:

Why a Chrome Extension for importing Unit Session Percentage data? HelloProfit is unable to retrieve this critical information via Amazon's API, so we offer this Chrome Extension method to import your Unit Session Percentage data and integrate it with the HelloProfit interface you know and love.  Other softwares utilize different methods for this or similar tasks, sometimes by asking you to create a new Seller Central User account with limited permissions. We've implemented our own innovative route for bringing in this data, which avoids us needing to ask any extra access your Seller Central account. 

IMPORTANT: Amazon makes today's Unit Session Percentage data available TOMORROW, so your Unit Session Percentage statistics in HelloProfit (or on Seller Central for that matter) are only available for yesterday and earlier.

After downloading and installing in your Chrome Browser:

  1. Log into your Seller Central account as normal
  2. Click the HP Chrome Extension Button & download your Unit Session Percentage data for your chosen timeframe as shown in the video below:

Then check out your new Data in HelloProfit!

IMPORTANT: Ensure you have downloaded ALL Unit Session Percentage data into HelloProfit for any date range query you make in HP.  For example, if you want to see the Unit Session Percentage for the past 30 days on your Product Dashboard, be certain you've downloaded ALL those days Unit Session Percentage data first from Seller Central. Otherwise, your resulting averages will be skewed.

On your Product Dashboards you'll now see "Sessions & Stats" on the top right:

You'll also see some useful graphs like this one below on your Product Dashboard, comparing your Session Count to Unit Session Percentage (useful to detect spikes in traffic, compared to how valuable/converting that traffic was for you)...

You'll also see some dedicated columns in your Product Stats page, revealing the Sessions, Session Percent (meaning the Percent of your Seller Central's overall Sessions that this ASIN accounts for), Page Views, Page View Percent, Buy Box Percentage, Sessions, and of course Unit Session Percentage.

IMPORTANT: HelloProfit can only display Unit Session Percentage Data for timeframes that you've already downloaded the data. If you see "gaps" of Unit Session Percentage data, simply download the Unit Session Percentage data for that timeframe using the HP Chrome Extension. Then refresh the HelloProfit page where you previously saw the gap, and the gap will be filled.