Welcome to HelloProfit! How do I get started?

Below we will walk you through, step by step about how to get started with HelloProfit, and how to set your accounts and unlock all of the insane features at your finger tips! 

Follow each of the steps below to get started.

Step 1: Integrate HelloProfit with Amazon Seller Central using MWS

The first step after creating your HelloProfit account and subscription. Link you Seller Central Account to HelloProfit. This will allow HelloProfit to communicate with Amazon's Seller Central and Amazon API to bring in your ASINs, order data, and customers.

  1. You will need to allow HelloProfit to pull data from your Amazon Seller Central Account by "Allowing a developer to access my Seller Central Account using MWS". 
  2. Once you have authorized MWS, you may need to wait up to 2 hours before seeing your Seller Central Data start to populate.

Step 2: Product Setup/ Edit Unit Cost, Inbound Shipping Cost, & Keywords

Once your data has imported, you will see your products with Product List. This will allow HelloProfit to calculate your total profit, ROI, and Margin percentages.

  1.  Enter the product and shipping cost per each ASIN. 
  2. The software will naturally pull in the FBA and associated shipping cost for each product.

This will allow you to add keywords to each of your product ASINs and track keywork search result rankings, and analyze keyword ranking hour by hour.
  1. Using the Product Dashboard > Product Optionsadd up to 30 keywords.
  2. To view the Keyword Search Result Rankings, Go to the Product Dashboard and select your ASIN. Then scroll down the page to the Keyword Results.

Unit Session Percentage is the ratio of the number of Units you've sold on an ASIN in a timeframe, compared to the number of Sessions that ASIN had in that same timeframe. Unit Session Percentage is a critical metric about your Amazon products for a couple reasons. Amazon heavily focuses on a positive customer experience, and products that convert well (high Unit Session Percentage) seem to be products that please the customers. Amazon likes money, and makes money when products SELL (referral fees/commissions, other fees, etc).

  1. Install the HelloProfit Chrome extension
  2. Then login to your Seller Central account. 
  3. And using the Chrome Extension, select the date range of Session data you would like to filter for, then Import Data.

With these simple steps you are able to setup HelloProfit from start to finish. Have the real time data you need to make better business decision using HelloProfit.